Maven3D Professional 1.32


Maven3D Pro is a video referenced 3D audio editor where you can record, edit and mix up to 24-bit/96 kHz pro quality 5.1 Surround Sound. Sound effects include several true positional 3D sound effects and support for VST, DirectX, and DMO sound effect plugins.
Video referenced SMPTE compliant audio editing gives perfect timing for audio for DVD video authoring. Five video file formats can be imported, audio ripped from them, edited, and then combined into an AVI file. ASIO 2.0 support reduces latency during playback and recording. Includes optional Dolby Digital AC3 and MPEG2 AAC codecs for broadcast, DVD audio, streaming audio, or film. Dolby Digital AC3 is common for DVD audio and DVD authoring.
Windows Media formats are also supported, including WMA9 and WMA9 Pro, ideal for web audio or streaming audio.
The intuitive interface is designed for maximum speed - both for learning the program (which is simple) and for a high-level of productivity. Most operations are simple drag and drop. Other functions take a couple clicks. Powerful enough for professionals, beginning audio editors can learn to edit sound quickly and professionally to produce their first audio projects in minutes.
Professional audio engineers will appreciate built in optional Dolby Digital AC3 codecs. Similar products can cost triple the price.
6 native effects include three 3D effects, Sound Image, Sound Field and Surround Panning, and 3 regular sound effects, Volume Amp, FIR, and Fade In/Out.
For true positional 3D audio, Crosstalk Cancellation heightens the 3D experience. You can hear a 3D demo at
Live multitrack audio recording accepts up to 64 audio sources, and is only limited by your hardware. You can record internet radio stations, instruments, keyboards, mics, or any other kind of audio recording you want.
Export your audio file in up to 5.1 Surround Sound for an audio book, DVD audio, streaming audio, or music CDs.

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Price: $399.99
Platform: Windows2000, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows 98, 2000
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